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Network Organizing

As an organization we are striving to build an environment that maximizes the ability of people to establish and nurture connections that are mutually beneficial;and to eliminate barriers and fear to engage in public life. 

Within this context the role of the Network Organizing Department is to generate, coordinate, and support community civic engagement opportunities for Lawrence residents, while fostering leadership development and resident led social change.

Network Organizing is a core practice of Lawrence CommunityWorks (LCW). At LCW we are all Network Organizers believing that in order for our community to continue to grow and thrive we are ALL responsible for connecting people with one another to build relationships of mutual support, while also connecting them with the opportunities that will empower them to succeed. 



council chambers 1.jpg
2012 PODER Leadership Institute participants visit Lawrence City Council Chamber 


Member Open House at LCW summer 2012


PODER Institute 2012 tower excersize 10.jpg

PODER Leadership Institute 2012 building the Tower 


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