Mill Cities Leadership Institute


MCLI Class of 2016 Photo

MCLI develops socially responsible leaders & innovators
who learn from Lawrence & Lowell and serve our region

“In MCLI I did not just learn to become a better leader, I became a better leader.”
Kevin Blanchette, Groundwork Lawrence, ‘16

MCLI’s community-based, experiential approach empowers leaders by going beyond classroom walls.  Ten months with MCLI includes site visits with leaders across Lowell and Lawrence; group learning activities, discussion, and feedback with a talented, diverse class; and the opportunity to launch new “leadership commitments” inside and outside your workplace.  After graduation, you become a member of the MCLI alumni network for future networking and support.  Throughout MCLI you get to know yourself and your community better while you strengthen key leadership abilities:

Practice soft skills of emotionally intelligent leadership:
Network and build relationships with professionals from different sectors
Listen, reflect, and question in order to build understanding
Explore the dynamics of diverse teams
Persuade and influence others to understand your vision

your insight into social responsibility:
Visit sites of social innovation and impact around Lowell and Lawrence
Engage local leaders and learn from their approaches to social impact
Analyze civic issues and understand their interconnections
Learn from experiences that are different from your own

new initiatives and solutions:
Identify opportunities for impact inside and outside your workplace
Innovate on current practices and build inclusive approaches
Present and pitch your ideas in front of groups at MCLI Mixers
Continue growing yourself and your initiatives through MCLI alumni activities

“MCLI has increased my awareness of my leadership style and skills, helped me to be more comfortable expressing my ideas, and brought me out of my networking comfort zone to engage with many bright, involved local leaders.  The program has consistently been energizing, with eye-opening site visits, thought provoking activities, and honest discussion with classmates from a wide variety of backgrounds.”
Diane Baxter, Nobis Engineering ‘16

“This class has given me a compass for how to move forward in my new position at the credit union.”
Cecilio Perez, Merrimack Valley Credit Union ‘16

“MCLI molds people into leaders that others want to follow, instead of simply producing individuals who wish to lead.  Anyone who wants to uncover her best self, challenge her assumptions, and find a family of individuals on a similar journey of discovery, should participate in this program.”
Franky Descoteaux, Entrepreneurship for All ‘16

Links for 2017 Mill Cities Leadership Institute:
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Dates to KEEP in mind:
Application Deadline:            June 15
Late Application Deadline:   August 24
Class of 2017 begins:             September 21

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