Become an LCW Member

The easiest way to join the LCW Network is by completing the online Membership Interest Form.

A member of LCW is an individual who lives, works, or volunteers in Lawrence or participates in an LCW program or activity, actively supporting the mission of LCW. Members sign a pledge card of agreement affirming their commitment to the LCW Mission and support it through their passion and engagement in the LCW Network. What is the LCW Network? The LCW Network is a loose affiliation of stakeholders, residents, partners, funders and you, our Members who are passionate about making the City of Lawrence a great place to live, work and play. Membership engagement is simple; to be actively engaged means to participate in at least one network building activity per year (which includes, but is not limited to: sharing information about and referring others to LCW; attending a community event such as a community safety meeting, park or river clean up, National Night Out, or Semana Hispana; hosting or attending a Neighbor Circle; and other community-engagement activities – see below for more details). Benefits of membership include the right to sit on LCW committees, vote for the board of directors, run for and sit on the board, hold stipended positions within the organization, and being an integral part of positive community change in the City of Lawrence.

Section 1
(A) Except for the category of Youth Membership as defined in Section 1B, all persons eighteen years of age or older who reside, work or volunteer in the Corporation’s target area of Lawrence, Massachusetts (or in the case of persons under the age of eighteen, who attend primary or secondary school in Lawrence) or who participate in one of the Corporation’s programs or services are eligible to become members of the Corporation. Any such person shall become a member of this Corporation if he or she:
i. Submits a completed application for membership in the form approved by the Board of Directors from time to time; and
ii. Pays any membership dues, as may be established by the Board of Directors from time to time; and
iii. Attest to his/her support of the Corporation’s mission in th manner established by the Corporation; and
iv. Participates annually in at least one approved LCW activity which has been determined by the Board of Directors as complying with the Corporation’s recognized “network building reciprocal exchange principle” as may be modified by the Board of Directors from time to time.
(B) All persons below the age of eighteen years who meet the above criteria are eligible to become Youth Members of the Corporation, who shall be entitled to all of the privileges and opportunities of membership in the Corporation except for the right to vote in accordance with the provisions of Section 2.

Section 2
Members of the Corporation as defined in Section 1A who have been a member in good standing for at least six months prior to the election shall have the right to vote for the elected members of the Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting. Each voting-eligible member shall have one vote of equal weight. There will be no voting by proxy at the Meeting.

At the Annual Meeting, the voting-eligible members may vote on various Bylaws changes or other motions brought before the body by the Board of Directors or by a voting-eligible member, provided that the member’s motion must be seconded by two other voting-eligible members in order to become part of the business of the meeting. Motions by the Board of Directors must have been approved by that body at its previous regularly scheduled meeting to become part of the business of the meeting.

  • Participate in an LCW program
  • Participate in community (LCW or Partner) events
    • Neighborhood clean-ups
    • Community resource fairs
    • Campaigns
    • Community Safety
    • NeighborCircles (hosts, participant, facilitator)
    • Door Knocking/Canvassing
  • Refer People to LCW
  • Talk about LCW
  • Share information & resources (word of mouth, hard copy, make phone calls)
  • Share skills with other members (speak, teach, mentor)
  • Focus Groups/Surveys/Provide Feedback
  • Join an LCW Committee or our Advisory Board
  • Call radio/write letters/sign petitions/call legislators
  • Turn out for collective action
  • Annual Meeting
  • Volunteer at LCW
  • Donate to LCW