LCW is accepting applications through August 25th for Residency Program

By on August 1, 2017

The purpose of the LCW Residency Program is to have college seniors and recent college grads as part of LCW’s everyday operation and culture, serving as role models, mentors, or colleagues to people in the different programs.  For our Movement City Youth Network members, Residents actively embody the paths that college provides. For other Departments of LCW, Residents lend their time and talent to support LCW’s mission and strategic goals.

The Residency Program provides living space for one to two years to current college seniors or recent graduates who come from diverse fields of study and different backgrounds. In return for free living space, Residents commit time to LCW as instructors, facilitators, or assistants with different LCW programs, departments, projects and activities. Residents are considered employees who are compensated through housing. It is expected that Residents will utilize the Residency to ultimately transition to the next phase of their personal and professional lives.

We have 3 openings:

Made in Lawrence Resident
Movement City Resident Instructor
Marketing Resident

Residency Application 2017

 Candidates should indicate which position is of interest; however,  if interviewed and selected, staff would determine best fit.