Compass Program and Job Search Coaching

Are you unemployed?  Underemployed?  Would you like to get a job that starts you on a career path?  Then this program may be for you.  LCW offers a full time program called Compass that combines intensive soft skills education, financial coaching and paid internships or a paid training to help you get started.  The program is comprised of 3 phases.

Students participating in Compass program

Discussing the challenges as a team

The 1st phase is a 4-week intensive educational phase.  During this phase, you are in classes from 9AM – 4PM Monday through Friday.  Each morning you are in a class that works on soft skills training (resume writing, interviewing skills, cover letters, communication, time management).  Each afternoon you have a different class ranging from nutrition, financial literacy, economic empowerment and group coaching.  All participants will receive certification in first aid/CPR.

The 2nd phase is either a paid internship in Hospitality or Early Childhood or a paid training in Certified Nursing Assistant.  During this phase, you will learn job specific skills and will continue with group coaching.  This phase is 5 – 8 weeks long depending on internship/training.  For the internship track (Hospitality or Early Childhood) the goal is to get you hired at the site. We currently have an 80% hire rate.

Students in classroomThe 3rd phase is job search. This phase is if you don’t get hired at the internship site or complete the Nursing Assistant training, then we work with you to help you find full-time employment in the field.

We also offer Job Search Coaching.  Someone will meet with you individually and/or in a group to work on a weekly job search plan, create/update your resume, practice interviewing to help you find a position.

If you are interested, please contact Leslie Kent at 978-722-2638.


The Compass Program is proud to be supported by a three-year grant from the Women’s Fund, a fund of the Essex County Community Foundation (ECCF).