About Movement City

Movement City is an empowerment network for young Lawrencians ages of 10-18. It is a place where young people explore their potential through design, technology and performing arts. They can opt to participate in a wide range of highly creative economic, academic, leadership development and collective action activities.
The Goals of Movement City are:
  • To foster culture that is rich in connectivity, creativity and support that is shaped by young people themselves
  • To bring Lawrence youth together with volunteers and professionals from the fields of design, technology and performing arts to learn the basics of high-skill and creative careers
  • To connect youth to institutions of higher education, giving them access to opportunities for educational success
  • To engage youth in local projects that encourage them to improve the community and that help them strengthen their leadership skills
  • To involve youth in network of young people and families engaged in positive self and community development
  • As members of a network, young people pay annual fee of $80.00 and have the choice and opportunity to engage in a variety of ways. We also have a summer program that runs for 4 weeks and is a separate $60.00 fee.