Creative & Technology Arts

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Performing Arts

Dance: Youth who participate in dance can expect to sweat, have fun, and learn some killer dance moves.  There is a focus on choreographed routines to urban music including hip hop and pop. Participants are encouraged to develop their sense of rhythm, learn methods of stretching, and explore free-styling. Dance is designed to be a cooperative learning environment in which everyone gives input on style, choreography, and music selection.

Creative Writing: Movement City youth who are interested in writing and poetry have the opportunity to participate with their peers in developing this skill and sharing what they produce.

Manipulative Arts
Fashion Design: In Fashion Design, young people learn about various aspects of the fashion industry.  They learn about the vocabulary common to the industry, basic sewing skills including pattern making, and illustration. Like all Movement City activities projects are youth driven and fun.

Art:  Movement City members have the opportunity to practice their artistic skills across different mediums. Budding artists explore painting, drawing, clay, and collage.

Digital Arts
The Clubhouse: Movement City is a part of The Clubhouse Network. The Clubhouse mission is to provide a creative and safe out-of-school learning environment where young people work with adult mentors to explore their own ideas, develop new skills, and build confidence in themselves through the use of technology.

Music Production: The Music Production members use current technology to create original music from scratch by splicing and/ or sampling. Musical focus is on hip hop, reggae, reggaeton and R&B. Youth will learn how to listen with a critical ear and analyze and explore the parts of the song that appeal to them the most. In addition to recording and editing music, youth practice rapping, freestyle and writing skills.

Ongoing Events
Open Mic

Open Mic is an intergenerational event where youth and adults can share their talents and passions through performing original poetry, spoken word, dance, or songs.  The purpose of Open Mic is to share our art with the community and provide a venue for creative self expression.   The only requirements are to come with an open mind, respect the performers, and at least be fourteen years old .Movement City Open Mic’s happen on a quarterly basis, be sure to keep up with our Facebook page so see when they are scheduled!

Parent Engagement
There are also several events that Movement City hosts throughout the year such as Showcases, holiday potluck, family literacy nights, and parent workshops.