Completed Affordable Rental Projects

Lawrence CommunityWorks is dedicated to providing a growing inventory of safe, spacious, healthy and affordable rental housing for Lawrence families. The vast majority of housing units in dense urban areas like Lawrence are rental units. But the quality and the affordability of those units are often not suitable for struggling working and poor families. Much of housing stock in Lawrence is 80 years old or over, and built for another era when building codes were lax or nonexistent. As a result, most of this housing requires substantial rehabilitation in order to be safe for children and families. The boom and bust real estate cycles of the Northeast, combined with the gradual increase in population in Lawrence over the past decade, means that there is constant pressure on the rental housing market. These factors call for an aggressive strategy to increase the available stock of safe and affordable rental units. Since 1986, LCW has developed over 250 units of affordable rental housing. Today, LCW owns and manages 157 units in 9 separate buildings, and has almost 73 additional units planned or in process. Through our management company First Realty Corporation, LCW provides high quality and reliable management and maintenance for our tenants.

Completed affordable rental apartment projects include: