Through the creative challenges and opportunities we offer youth at Movement City, we are preparing young artists, thinkers, engineers, designers, musicians, poets, writers, scientists and educators of all sorts to appreciate the process of learning, making, and sharing knowledge as well as things.

Youth have countless opportunities to opt into designing, producing, managing, and documenting their experiences. These experiences become the foundation for portfolios, resumes and college essays that speak of a dynamic education and a motivation to learn and grow.

Performing Arts

  • Dance: Youth who participate can expect to learn, work hard, sweat, and have a lot of fun! There is a focus on choreographed routines to modern music genres including hip hop and pop. Participants are encouraged to develop their sense of rhythm, learn methods of stretching, and explore free-styling. Dance is designed to be a cooperative learning environment in which everyone gives input on style, choreography, and music selection. Make sure to follow Movement City’s Elite Dance Movement team on Instagram to see the dance team’s amazing talent!
  • Music Production: Members use current technology to create original music from scratch by splicing and/ or sampling. Musical focus is on hip hop, reggae, reggaeton and R&B. Youth will learn how to listen with a critical ear and analyze and explore the parts of the song that appeal to them the most. In addition to recording and editing music, youth practice rapping, freestyle and writing skills.
  • Creative Writing: Movement City youth who are interested in writing and poetry have the opportunity to participate with their peers in developing this skill and sharing what they produce.

Fine Arts & Mixed Media

Movement City members have the opportunity to practice their artistic skills across different mediums. Budding artists explore painting, drawing, clay, and collage.

Ongoing Events


Open to the public, Movement City coordinates quarterly Showcases at the close of each workshop cycle for members to share their creative projects with peers, friends, and family members. Youth members are both the featured performers and hard-working producers of MC’s Showcase events. With staff support, youth design all Showcase elements, coordinate the flow of events, help manage sound and lighting, and ensure the peformances run smoothly. This process is especially important to the expressive and emotional development of our youth and provides an opportunity for the community-at-large to witness the incredible talent of Lawrence youth. Head over to YouTube for a peek into Movement City’s 2020 “Colors of Covid” virtual Showcase.

Open Mic

MC’s monthly Open Mics are an intergenerational event where youth and adults can share their talents and passions through performing original poetry, spoken word, dance, or songs.  The purpose of Open Mics is to share our art with the community and provide a venue for creative self-expression.  The only requirements are to come with an open mind, respect all performers, and be at least 14 years old. Follow MC on Instagram to stay up-to-date on upcoming First Fridays. We hope to see you there!

Parent Engagement

We host several events throughout the year that are family-oriented such as Family Literacy Night, holiday potlucks, and workshops. Parents of active youth members are encouraged to attend, participate, and celebrate their children’s creative potential alongside members and staff.