Community Education Circles

We all recognize the critical role that positive and productive relationships play in strengthening our cities, neighborhoods, and classrooms.  Unfortunately, the business of life often gets in the way leaving us with little time to build critical relationships with those around us.

Community Education Circles (CECs) are a simple and effective tool to help build relationships between schools, teachers, and families. We believe that these relationships have a huge impact on students’ ability to succeed, and enhance educators’ and parents’ supportive roles.

The CECs consist of two dinner gatherings (once/week for 2 weeks) between you and your students’ families. Each week has a slightly different objective and activity that will help build relationships of trust:

Night one: Get to know each other’s story better

Night two: Find ways you can support each other throughout the school year

For more information on how to start Community Education Circles in your school contact:

Yaritza Rizzo |