A key event that allows you to witness and actively participate in the LCW network. This is not a marketplace where monetary transactions happen. Instead, the LCW Marketplace brings people together to meet a need and/or to exchange what they have to offer. This space allows people to share, practice and enhance their skills, and make connections that will improve their lives and the lives of those around them.

What happens at the LCW Marketplace?

We do a few simple things at the Marketplace:
  1. New and Good – We share who you are, a little bit about why you are here, and something personal about yourself.
  2. Conversation Circles – We talk about things that are important to us. Each month, we have a variety of options based on what people want to talk about – from savings programs offered by a financial institution to how to better support your kids in school.  Anyone who comes to the marketplace is welcome to host a conversation.
  3. Mini-Marketplace – We make offers and requests. Everyone has something that they need and something they have to give.  Employers may be looking to hire, non-profits may have services to offer, an English language learner may be looking for a conversation partner, and someone may need to find a good plumber.  That’s what this space is for.
When can I come?

The LCW Marketplace takes place on the last Tuesday of every month. All are welcome!

For more information, contact Jamill Martinez |