We work to improve the physical condition of Lawrence neighborhoods by transforming derelict, contaminated, or underutilized real estate property into positive, valuable, and beautiful community assets called for by residents.

We are powered by our network of community members, actively advancing the City through place-based, community-driven change; from our initial founding to help the North Common Neighborhood, to our work today which reaches throughout the City.

A History of Development

The original mission of the organization (then Immigrant City CDC), was to win the development rights of an urban renewal parcel so that affordable housing could be built for Lawrence families. We have continued to develop, rehabilitate, and advocate for affordable housing rental and homeownership units in the City, as well as commercial space and green space throughout the North Common neighborhood, through our Project Reviviendo efforts.

Since our founding, LCW has:

  • developed over four acres of formerly blighted and vacant land into green space, 
  • rehabilitated and created over 230 units of affordable rental housing, 
  • built 24 homeownership units, 
  • created approximately 98,000 sqft of commercial space, and
  • halved the vacancy/abandonment rate in the North Common area.