Qualifications and Expectations

LCW Board Members are expected to:

• Work with our staff and membership to advance LCW’s mission
• Work to maintain and enhance the network’s public standing
• Attend all monthly Board Meetings (The Board meets the last Wednesday of every month at 5PM)
• Prepared for Monthly Board Meetings
• Participate in at least One LCW program or project committee
• Support the Goal and the Mission of LCW
• Bring new members into LCW
• Effectively and consistently carry the message of LCW and its work to the larger community
• Make an annual financial contribution to support LCW’s mission

A qualified LCW Board Member…

• Has proven to be a hard worker and a loyal member of LCW
• Has demonstrated a sincere commitment to improving community life in Lawrence
• Has demonstrated the ability to play a leadership role in community efforts
• Is willing to apply his/her skills, expertise, time and energy to making LCW more active and more effective
• Has proven to be diligent, trustworthy, honorable, respectful of others, and a team player in LCW or other community activities
• Is willing and able to keep other agendas, personal, political or public, separate from the work of LCW
• Has English proficiency