Our passionate, talented, and dedicated leadership and staff bring LCW’s mission to life. We are a growing organization of 50+ employees who represent the diverse community that we serve.

Executive Leadership

Jessica Andors

Executive Directorjandors@lawrencecommunityworks.org978-722-2604

Jessica was part of a team of community organizers that spearheaded the rebirth of Lawrence CommunityWorks in 1999. Since then, LCW has grown from a staff of one and a deficit, to a $6 million operational budget with over 5,000 resident and stakeholder members, over $200 million invested in affordable housing, family asset building, and community organizing and development.

She is earned her BA at Amherst College and a Master’s degree in City/Urban, Community and Regional Planning from The Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Jess is a resident of Lawrence and is a nationally-recognized community developer with exceptional strengths in strategic thinking, economic development, nonprofit affordable housing, real estate and program development.

Eunice Lopez

Chief Programs Officerelopez@lawrencecommunityworks.org978-722-2611

Eunice joined Lawrence CommunityWorks in September 2022 with over 15 years of non-profit and 5 years of upper management experience with a strong focus on affordable housing.

Throughout her career Eunice has demonstrated a fierce commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion for underserved communities with extensive work with the homeless and veteran populations. In her previous role, Eunice was credited with the significant expansion of the housing department from 2 programs to 12 programs within 2 years. Having overseen over $5 million dollars in grants in her previous position, Eunice also brings fundraising and grants management experience. Eunice brings a fresh and jovial perspective to the entire team.

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Suresh Siva

Chief Financial Officerssiva@lawrencecommunityworks.org978-722-2601Read More

Norma “Maggie” Pagan

Chief Human Resources & Operations Officernpagan@lawrencecommunityworks.org978-722-2606

Asset Building Team

Our largest department at LCW. AB staff are responsible for LCW’s robust spectrum of financial empowerment, homeownership, and rental counseling efforts.

HR/Operations Team

The “glue” behind the scenes that makes everything else possible.

Movement City Team

LCW’s youth development experts who are deeply passionate and keep kids at Movement City engaged, creating, growing, and learning every single day.

Network Organizing Team

The heart of LCW: fearless advocates who believe deeply in the power of resident voice and actively work to coordinate outreach campaigns, collective action, volunteer projects, support groups, design committees, and network events.

Real Estate Development Team

Small but mighty, the RE department works tirelessly to push forward LCW’s ambitious real estate projects and make affordable housing and homeownership a reality for Lawrence residents.

Resource Development Team

The “little fundraising engine that could” behind all of LCW’s programs and operations, including grants management, data and evaluation, marketing and communications, and events.

Workforce Development Team

Whether you’re looking for a new job, skills to add to your resume, or maybe just a little self-confidence boost — look no further than the incredible lineup of powerhouses behind all of LCW’s employment programs.