Lawrence CommunityWorks recognized as a Safe and Affordable Housing Leader

Lawrence, Mass. – Lawrence Community Works (LCW), the mission-driven community
development building corporation in the City of Lawrence, is proud to have been
recognized as a Safe and Affordable Housing Leader by the Eastern Bank Foundation (EBF),
which honored Executive Director Jessica Andors at their 2023 Community Advocacy
Awards & Roundtable event on May 16.
LCW was one of 12 nonprofit honorees, named “passionate community champions,” by EBF
for their focus on the region’s most critical community needs by providing safe and
affordable housing. EBF sponsored the story in the Boston Business Journal (issue June 9-

“We are very proud of this award, as LCW takes a holistic and transformative approach to
complete neighborhood development with affordable housing design, development and
stewardship,” Andors said.
About Lawrence CommunityWorks
Since 1986, Lawrence CommunityWorks, Inc. (LCW), a community development
corporation, has woven together community planning, organizing and asset-building
results with high quality affordable housing and commercial development to create vibrant
neighborhoods and empowered residents. By facilitating conversations and action on
community priorities, LCW, a nonprofit leader in community development, engages
partners and a network of youth and adult residents in opportunities to move themselves
and their city of Lawrence forward.
Founded in 1986 as Heritage Common Community Development Corporation and
Lawrence Planning & Neighborhood Development Corporation, LCW’s goal is to revitalize
neighborhoods and empower the city’s 88,500 residents. As a change-maker in the mill
district and beyond, LCW has completed more than 14 neighborhood projects in Lawrence

and currently is working on more than five projects, including DyeWorks, Island Parkside I
and II, Newbury Street, and the Marriner Building.

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